In UFOs: A Fundamental Truth, I take a unique approach to examining the modern UFO Phenomenon.

Whilst extensive, reliable data exists from thousands of UFO sightings over the last 80 years, much of which has been examined in minute detail, my book draws this together, assesses it for relevant patterns indicating causation, within the social and historic context in which the events took place. This holistic approach takes into account not only the events and observations themselves but what was said about them, by whom, and what the likely motivations would have been where a narrative of events is offered to the public which is clearly not based on an honest assessment of all the available evidence.

The book explores a nuclear connection, demonstrating many well-documented UFO sightings which indicate, through the physical shape, material and general appearance of the object, and the nature and level of its luminosity, the presence of a nuclear reactor, completely invalidating the government’s insistence that UFOs pose no threat, and warrant no serious investigation, particularly where radiation injuries were recorded. The book goes on to examine the likely explanations for and links between UFOs and cattle mutilation, chupas and aircraft disappearances. The unavoidable conclusion is that we have been misled on the subject of UFOs for decades, and even the purported attempts at telling “the whole truth”, such as the Roswell report, can clearly be debunked. We must therefore continue to push for full transparency to restore faith in our leadership and begin to undo the damage that 80 years of deception has caused.